cctv network video recorder

Network Video Recorder
NDAA Compliant.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) is Flexible, scablable, forward and backward compatible technology. IDIS High performance nvr and reliable solutions for every commercial and residential need.

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"A very user friendly to use and expandable cctv. It started from analogue slowly upgrade to IP and it still compatible to the old unit cameras. After many years, the cctv are in good condition."



“It comply to international standard and at a lower cost. It help to achieve many international security standard.”



dr-4316p network video recorder | NDAA Compliant NVR | IDIS

IDIS DirectIP makes
everyone can configure IP.

DirectIP allows instant streaming once connected to Cameras and NVRs. Just Plug & Play. It's that simple, almost everyone can do it.







Automate configuration
Low at maintenance cost.

IDIS aims to take care of your security. DirectIP helps you configure IPs, find a bug & set up firewall. When less maintenance, it stands to save cost.

Plug & Play, almost "0" configuration

Firewall on NVR prevents cyber attack

IDIS Chained Fingerprint preventing data fogery and maintaining data integrity

Two-Factor Authentication

Edge Encryption End-to-End video encrypt

FEN, a domain service comes with each NVR

dr-8364D network video recorder | NDAA Compliant NVR | IDIS

Customize your recording solution. There's even compact solution.

Through the use of variables and a few configuration options, you can completely customize your prefer network video recorder. There's even an option for residential and commercial video recorder.

 nvr 7 network video recorder | NDAA Compliant NVR | IDIS

DR-8000 Series Network Video Recorder

DR-6000 Series Network Video Recorder

DR-4000 Series Network Video Recorder

DR-2000 Series Network Video Recorder

DR-1000 Series

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