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1611T Lift Controller - Secure and convenient access to different levels of a building.


Transform to Smart Elevator and Lift

Lift access control is to provide secure and convenient access to different levels of a building via elevators or lifts. It ensures that only authorized personnel can access restricted floors, improving security and safety while also increasing operational efficiency.

1611T dedicated elevator access control system is the key to keeping a multi-floor facility safe. Once insde the elevator car, passengers will need to do a card read, which will allow them access to particular floors.


Allow authorised passengers to travel to dedicated floors and restrict unauthorised passengers access to private floor.

Active real-time network sync

Flexible to assign floors to Public Access and Private Access

Flexible to assign passengers private access to dedicated floor or multiple floors.

Touchless, once passenger do a card read, the elevator will automatic fetch passenger to dedicated floor without press floor button.

Each 1611T controller fit for 16 floors, expandable to 128 floors.

Easy integrate with most elevator lift system.

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