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Proximity Card Reader - JAVIN JR23KM

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Flexible In Daily Operation

JAVIN JR23KM is a device that allows authorized personnel to enter buildings or gates using a proximity card, PIN, or a combination of both.

JAVIN JR23KM offers secure and convenient access control with its modern design, multiple credential modes, robust construction, touch sensor keypad, and weatherproof features.

Businesses using JAVIN JR23KM can enjoy enhanced security, seamless integration with various access points, and reduced maintenance costs, ensuring a secure and efficient access management system.


Metal construction in rounded smooth corners. JAVIN JR23KM access card provides convinience, flexible in daily operation.

Modern aesthetic design with LED signal for a professional and sophisticated look.

Multiple credential modes for flexible and secure access control, Proximity Card, PIN, Proximity Card + PIN.

Robust metal structure with smooth rounded corners for durability and safety.

Touch sensor keypad for easy and convenient user interaction.

Weatherproof design for reliable performance in different environments.

Easy integration with doors, gates, barriers, and elevators for seamless access control.

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Smart key card
Smart key Fob
Silicon wristband

Reading Speed

0.5 seconds

Reading Distance

50 - 100mm


93(W) x 22(D) x 93(H) mm



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