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Access Controller
AI-Powered, Smart, and Integrated Security

The Access Controller empowers individuals with secure access to a diverse range of automatic doors, barriers, sliding doors, electronic gates, and elevator controllers. It also enables seamless integration of door access control systems with building management systems.

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Smart AI access controller
Maintain all types of entry

The balance between flexible integration and security meets with this friendly access controller. The security of this entrance is coordinated harmoniously.


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For everyday applications
Active Network Controller

JAVIN access controller has proven to be a popular choice for those who are unwilling to compromise on security and smart access integration.

Event flow engine optimizes real-time processing, enabling rapid responses and efficient system behavior across IoT, automation, and security applications.

Active Network controller is a centralized interface for managing network devices, including access controllers and security systems, ensuring efficient monitoring and adjustments.

Auxiliary input and output is to enable additional functionality and integration with third-party devices or systems, such as alarms, sensors, or other security equipment. This flexibility allows for customized and efficient security solutions tailored to specific needs.

JAVIN access controller smart feature ensures seamless operation in network mode, automatically switching to standalone mode during network downtime for uninterrupted security.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with JAVIN's access controller, designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of readers, ensuring a future-proof, secure, and convenient access control solution tailored to your needs.

SmartConnect individual cable inputs for readers, locks, push buttons, sensors, and third-party integrations in a controller is to provide a highly organized, easy-to-manage, and versatile access control system that ensures smooth operation, simplified maintenance, and seamless integration with various security components for a comprehensive and efficient security solution.

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Experience the future of
JAVIN Access Controller

Transform your work space to Smart Security Access by JAVIN controller.

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Access Controller

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