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Card reader for Door Access System

Enhance the security of your door access system with our high-quality card reader options at JAVIN. Choose from proximity card, fingerprint reader, QR code reader, and face scanner.

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door access system | card reader | qr code reader | javin jr26m

Revolutionary Reader
Sleek and Security

JAVIN designs the slimmest and most intuitive security card reader. The state of the art door access system technology housed within a lean space.


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Fast scanning

Slimmest card reader
Best design in security

When it is essential to balance door access control system security and design, our slimmest identity card reader provides a slim and clean visual.

Modern appearance, slim design in an elegant housing.

Clear LED feedback enhancing the user experience.

Unrivaled security and powerful performance

Smooth, identity scanning experience

card reader | door access system | fingerprint reader | javin jr22m fingerprint reader

Experience the future of
Card reader

JAVIN card readers bring today's organizations into the future.

card reader | door access system | access card | javin jr26m qr code reader

Card Reader

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