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Detect and Track 5 People at One with Anti Fake Technology

Facial Recognition Reader JR25M enhances business security and operational efficiency, enabling the detection and tracking of up to five individuals simultaneously. This capability streamlines the process of identifying and verifying personnel and visitors, tightening security by controlling access more effectively and facilitating a smoother flow at entry points. This balance between enhanced security and operational efficiency ensures businesses can maintain a secure yet welcoming environment, meeting the need for quick access without compromising safety.

From a security perspective, the JR25M utilises a dual-infrared and RGB camera system with anti-counterfeit technology to distinguish between real individuals and attempts at fraud, such as photos or masks. This ability helps in reducing the risk of unauthorised entry, protecting sensitive areas and assets by ensuring that access is granted only to verified individuals. The addition of a white flash light ensures the device performs consistently under various lighting conditions, offering accurate identification whether in bright daylight or poorly lit environments. This reliability is crucial for businesses operating at different times of the day or in changing lighting conditions.

Moreover, the design of the JR25M for easy integration and support for remote updates makes it a versatile and convenient option for enhancing existing security arrangements. Its slim and compact form allows for straightforward incorporation into various access points, such as doors, turnstiles, and lifts. The ability to update the system remotely ensures that it remains effective against new security challenges, providing businesses with a robust and adaptable security solution. This approach enables businesses to keep their security system current, adapting to new threats without the continuous need for hardware updates.


Face recognition reader create a secure living and work space

Tracks 5 People at Once: This device can spot and follow up to 5 people at the same time. It's like having extra eyes that help keep an eye on more folks all at once, making it great for busy places.

Quick Matching: It's really fast at matching faces, thanks to a powerful Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU. This means it can recognize and verify people in no time, keeping things moving smoothly without hold-ups.

Smart Cameras to Spot Fakes: With its clever infrared and RGB cameras, it can tell the difference between real people and pictures or masks. This makes it really hard for anyone to trick the system and sneak in.

Works in Any Light: The white flash light helps the scanner see faces clearly, no matter if it's day or night or somewhere dimly lit. So, everyone can be recognized easily at any time.

Up-to-date with Remote Updates: The system can be updated from afar to add new features or improvements, making sure it's always using the latest tech. Plus, it's made to work well with different systems and setups, making it a breeze to add to existing security.

Slim and Easy to Fit: It's very thin, only 17mm and small, which means it can fit into lots of spots like doors, turnstiles, barriers, or lifts without being in the way or needing big changes to the space.

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Face Recognition Reader
Smart Card

Reading Speed

Less than 1 second

Reading Distance

500 - 1000mm


87(W) x 17(D) x 190(H) mm



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