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QR Code Reader for Door Access System - JAVIN JR26M

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Access Your Office the Modern Way

JAVIN JR26M is a special device that reads QR codes for access control, allowing employees or visitors to use their smartphones or cards to enter buildings or gates.

JAVIN JR26M makes access control easy and cost-effective with its support for QR codes, NFC, and proximity cards. It also reduces plastic waste and integrates seamlessly with various doors and gates.

Businesses that use JAVIN JR26M can enjoy enhanced security, simplified access control, reduced costs, and a greener approach to access management, making it a smart choice for the future.


Very easy to use as all you need is your mobile phone or access card.

Minimalist, the modern design

Multiple credential modes : QR code, NFC and proximity card

Low cost to generate QR code for employees or visitors

Easy integrate to most doors, electric gate, barrier and elevator

Green to earth as lessens its carbon footprint as there is no need to print lots of plastic cards

Easy to use as it's done through mobile devices

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QR code
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Smart key card
Smart key Fob
Silicon wristband

Reading Speed

0.5 seconds

Reading Distance

50 - 100mm


90(W) x 22.5(D) x 90(H) mm



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