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JAVIN Time Manager software is a smart solution that automates access control, generates time attendance report, and manages buildings, doors, users, and security for businesses, ensuring smooth operations and security PCIDSS compliant.

JAVIN Time Manager software provides a flexible and scalable solution for businesses to manage access control, generate time attendance data, and streamline operations, enhancing security, efficiency, and compliance.

Businesses using JAVIN Time Manager Software can enjoy improved access control, enhanced operational efficiency, increased security, and scalability for future growth.

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JAVIN time manager designed for people and business. It creates flexible access flow. With its smart AI, it generates time attendance data for departments to run the business smoothly.




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Smart + Security

JAVIN Time Manager software has proven to be a popular choice for those who are unwilling to compromise on security and business, PCIDSS comply.

Manage your building, doors, user, visitor and security your way.

Intuitive and user centered, enables system operators to complete a myriad of task and manage access multiple zones, areas or partitions from a single interface.

JAVIN lets users choose and adapt the system platform for the features and functions that best address your operational, security and safety needs.

Intuitive and easy to deploy in any building, without additional configurations. You can adjust your preferences and features as your unique security and management needs evolve.

Flexible to expand your access points, zones and users as your building and business grow.

Control and manage your sites through a single, centralized access control and security platform.

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Access Controller Access Controller

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