Flap Barrier Gate

JF2288 Flap Barrier - Javin's Innovative & Elegant Access Solution

JF2288 flap barrier angle 1
JF2288 flap barrier angle 2
JF2288 flap barrier angle 3
JF2288 flap barrier angle 4

Redefining security entrance

Curved cabinet to allow for a quick, sliding motion of the wings, as well as showcasing intuitive color LED lights, guiding users from entry through the authorisation and into the exit.


JAVIN flap barrier gate has proven to be a popular choice for those who are unwilling to compromise on security or design.

Seamless Integration: JF2288 flap barrier effortlessly combines with RFID, biometrics, or QR code systems, ensuring smooth access control in various settings.

Advanced Security: Intelligent anti-tailgating technology offers robust security, effectively preventing unauthorized access and maintaining a safe environment.

Energy-Efficient Design: Low power consumption and promote energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and supporting eco-friendly practices.

Elegant Aesthetics: Customizable designs and finishes ensure JF2288 flap barrier enhances your space's visual appeal while reflecting your brand's identity.

Smooth, Swinging Motion: The JF2288 flap barrier provides a fluid, graceful barrier movement, allowing for seamless and non-disruptive access control.

Heavy-Duty Performance: Engineered for durability, the JF2288 flap barrier boasts a 5,000,000-cycle lifespan, ensuring long-lasting and reliable access control.

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Product Info



Passage per minute

20 - 35 persons

Opening / Closing Speed

0.9 seconds

Lane Width



300(W) x 1400(D) x 980(H) mm

Opening / Closing Cycle




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