Sliding Barrier

JL5060 Sliding Barrier - Javin's Aesthetic & Rapid Access Control Solution

jl5060 sliding barrier
jl5060 sliding barrier
jl5060 sliding barrier

Modern Design Meets Efficiency with JL5060 Sliding Barrier

Experience Javin's JL5060 sliding barrier, an aesthetically modern access control solution ensuring rapid separation of people for maximum personal safety.


JAVIN Sliding Barrier Gates are ideal for those who are unwilling to compromise on high security and maximum personal safety.

Aesthetic Design: JL5060 sliding barrier boasts a contemporary design, complementing any environment while providing efficient access control.

Rapid Separation: 1800mm high wings ensure quick separation of people, promoting personal safety and streamlined pedestrian flow.

Maximum Safety: Designed to separate large numbers of people, JL5060 maintains a secure environment in various settings.

Intuitive Sensors: Advanced sensors detect tailgating, enhancing security measures and preventing unauthorized access.

Efficient Crowd Control: Ideal for managing high-traffic areas, ensuring smooth access control and enhanced security.

Emergency Response: Automatic opening in case of power cut or emergency, ensuring safe and quick evacuation.

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Product Info



Passage per minute

20 - 35 persons

Opening / Closing Speed

0.9 seconds

Door Wing Height

1362mm, 1500mm, 1700mm, 1800mm, from floor

Passage Width



350(W) x 1400(D) x 980(H)mm

Opening / Closing Cycle




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