Swing Barrier

JS3018 Bi-Directional Access Gate Barrier - Javin's Comfortable & Spacious Entrance Solution


Access Barrier and Side Barrier

JS3018 is designed for wide lane with low security access, providing a comfortable access such as those who are carrying large bags, baby stroller, elderly and disabled access. These gates can easily match with existing barrier. The passage width are available at 600mm (single barrier) and 900mm, 1200mm (double barrier).


JAVIN's wide lane side gate can seamlessly integrate with your existing security gate combinations or serve as an effective standalone solution.

Wide Lane Access: JS3018 access gate provides spacious entry for those carrying large bags, baby strollers, or assisting the elderly and disabled.

Bi-Directional Design: Allows two-way movement for efficient entry and exit, enhancing user convenience and streamlining pedestrian flow in various settings.

Barrier Compatibility: Easily integrates with existing barriers to create a seamless access control system without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

Adjustable Widths: Passage widths of 600mm (single barrier), 900mm, and 1200mm (double barrier) cater to diverse user needs, including wheelchair access.

Low Security Access: Designed for environments that prioritize comfort and ease of access, while still maintaining a basic level of security.

Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the JS3018 bi-directional access gate ensures reliable performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

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Passage Per Minute

20 - 35 persons

Opening / Closing Speed

0.9 seconds

Door Wing Height

900mm, from floor

Lane Width

600mm passage width
900mm suitable for wheelchair
1200mm wide lane


140(W) x 1050(D) x 980(H) mm

Opening / Closing Cycle




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