speed gates

Speed Gates
Crafted to be sleek

Speed Gates is the modern choice for building lobby. Speed gates advanced servo motor technology ensures fast and reliable performance, while their sleek and high speed design seamlessly blends into any building architecture. With customizable features and robust security, Speed Gates offer superior protection and convenience for employees and visitors. Speed Gates is the choice for a sleek and sophisticated access control solution for your building lobby.

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"it's sleek, integrate with access control become a presentation at our entrance."

Serba Dinamik


speed gates

Revolution speed gates
Sleek but strong

JAVIN designs the slimmest and most intuitive speed gates. The state of the art technology housed within a lean cabinet space.







Slimmest speed gates
Best design in security

When it is essetial to balance front entrance security and design, our slimmest speed gates provides a strong visual obstacle against intrusion.

Sleek and modern design for a sophisticated and elegant entrance.

Advanced servo motor technology provides fast and reliable performance.

Cutting-edge technology offers customizable features for convenience and flexibility.

Minimal maintenance required for a cost-effective access control solution.

Advanced security features ensure superior protection for your building and people.

Perfect for building lobbies, providing an efficient and stylish solution for access control.

speed gates speed gates
speed gates speed gates

Redefine security entrance
Slim Your Grand Entrance

We craft the slimmest speed gate with few configuration options for your front entrance security.

speed gates

Speed Gates

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