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Swing barrier
Wide lane access

Swing barrier designed for wider lane access provides a comfortable access such as those who are carrying large bags, baby stroller, elderly and disabled access.

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"I'm satisfied, It is proven high security and reliability."

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swing barrier

Maintain security level
with comfortable access

The balance between good design and security meets with this friendly swing design. The elegance of this security entrance is coordinated harmoniously.






Fast Open

The solid swing barrier
Security + Harmonious

JAVIN swing barrier has proven to be a popular choice for those who are unwilling to compromise on security or comfortable access.

Advanced technology for fast and reliable performance.

Elegant and space-saving design for building lobby.

Customizable features for convenience and flexibility.

Superior security features for building and people protection.

Minimal maintenance required for a cost-effective solution.

Flexible integration into most access control systems for seamless building access.

Swing Barrier Swing Barrier
Swing Barrier Swing Barrier

Redefined security entrance
Comfortable wide lane

We design swing barrier with few configuration options for your front entrance security.

swing barrier javin

swing barrier

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