Tripod turnstile

Tripod Turnstile JT1020 - Javin Robust & Efficient Access Control Solution

tripod turnstile jt1020
tripod turnstile jt1020

Tripod turnstile for Large Number of People

Semi-automatic stainless steel tripod turnstile arm and robust stainless steel housings, able to withstand improper use. Suitable for stadiums, loading bays, residential and public access.


JAVIN Tripod tunstile are suitable at sport stadiums, malls or public areas. It can operate under large number of people at single or bi-directional.

High-Capacity Access: Designed for managing a large number of people, perfect for stadiums, loading bays, and public access points.

Semi-Automatic Operation: Stainless steel tripod arm provides smooth, semi-automatic access control, ensuring user satisfaction and streamlined foot traffic.

Durable Construction: Robust stainless steel housings withstand improper use, delivering reliable performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for various environments, including stadiums, loading bays, residential buildings, and public spaces, offering efficient access control.

Emergency Safety Feature: Arm drops automatically in case of power cuts or emergencies, ensuring user safety and enabling easy evacuation.

Indoor & Outdoor Compatibility: Designed for use in both indoor and sheltered outdoor environments, offering versatile and efficient access control solutions.

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Passage per minute

20 - 30 persons

Opening / Closing Speed

1.3 second

Lane Width



280mm(W) x 1400mm(D) x 980mm(H)

Opening / Closing Cycle




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