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Tripod Turnstiles - Javin's Compact & Secure Access Control Solutions

Turnstile robust housings made of stainless steel 304 tripod arm, able to withstand improper use. Suitable for stadiums, loading bays, residential and public access. Choose from semi or full height variants.

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Bangladesh High Commision

"We have thousand of vistors everyday. It is still maintain good condition after few years operation"

Embassy of Bangladesh


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Quality stainless steel.
Withstands improper use

JAVIN turnstile are suitable at sport stadiums, malls or public areas. It can operate under large number of people at single or bi-directional.






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Made of stainless steel
for large number of people.

Emergency Safety Feature: Arm drops automatically in case of power cuts or emergencies, ensuring user safety and enabling easy evacuation.

Enhanced Security: Tripod turnstiles provide secure access control, preventing unauthorized entry and maintaining a safe environment in various settings.

Diverse Integration: Seamlessly connects with various access control systems, such as RFID, biometrics, or QR code readers, for efficient entry management.

User-Friendly Operation: Designed for easy use, Javin's tripod turnstiles ensure a smooth, non-disruptive passage, enhancing user satisfaction and experience.

Durability & Reliability: Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, Javin's tripod turnstiles deliver long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Indoor & Outdoor Compatibility: Designed for use in both indoor and sheltered outdoor environments, offering versatile access control solutions.

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Customize your turnstile
Choose your turnstiles

Various types of turnstiles from semi-auto and automatic. It also comes with waist-height and full-height to maximize your safety.

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